I want marijuana legal everywhere

It’s certainly crazy just how much things change throughout a lifetime! I’m really old in my years now, however I remember in my youth it was so much more different than today. I was a teenager during the Civil Rights movement, so I can remember how things were back in the day. I grew up in the South and saw things in my childhood that are especially unthinkable now. The wheels of society basically grind forward at a slow rate for a time, and then jump to speed for a small, brief, however pressing moment. On a much smaller scale in terms of complete importance, I think we are witnessing one of those moments right at this moment. Medical marijuana has suddenly picked up speed as far as legality goes, and it’s a trend that will continue until it’s legal all over the world. The reasons behind making cannabis entirely against the law are genuinely unreliable in the first place. The reasons mostly have to do with William Randolph Hearst using misleading scare tactics to attack marijuana because he stood to lose a great deal of money because of it. That is all quite a ways in the past though, and brighter minds see the uses medical cannabis has for those who are in pain or have no appetite whatsoever. Now we just need to get some agreement between the states that have legalized medical marijuana, and the federal government. This strikes right at the heart of the law passed so long ago due to Hearst’s lies and the time to repeal it is totally overdue. Not only is there no medical social reason to keep medical marijuana illegal, however it also flies directly in the face of American freedom.

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