I use cannabis every day

I basically grew up out in the middle of nowhere on an old farm that had trouble turning a profit. There was consistently something broken around the place, whether it was a plow, tractor, or our awful old father. Dad enjoyed drinking way too much, or perhaps hated it however it was necessary to him. It’s not that easy to keep these things straight sometimes, although I know for certain that we were consistently broke and our parents were consistently stressed. I had to find a way out of that terrible situation, so I joined the military at 17 with my parent’s permission. I suppose they were as blissful to see me do this as I was. Eventually I got out of the military and ended up in a very nice suburban property with a wonderful family. I was even able to deliver some money to my parents to help them get through their final years! My mother passed on just about six months back and I inherited the deed to that old farm. I seriously didn’t know what to do with it. That was until I was approached by some promising young entrepreneur with serious plans. He was essentially going into the medical marijuana farming business and wanted to own our old farm. He offered to pay me a substantial sum of money for it so I was glad to take the deal. From what I found out, this fellow was one of the few to acquire a permit to grow medical marijuana in the state. Medical cannabis was legalized over a year ago, and this was the state’s way of controlling its growth. I hope the man is successful with his venture.

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