The laws in my state

The other day I had a fairly funny situation take place between me and one of our local law enforcement… I was just driving on my way home from the office as well as was admittedly going about 15 MPH over the legal limit. I was in a zone just listening to rock n roll as well as didn’t even notice when I went speeding by the speed trap in the median as well as was taken by surprise when I saw the flashing lights right behind me. I pulled over as well as he came up with the “do you realize how fast you were going” spiel. That’s when he started sniffing as well as decided to lean his head in the car. I knew instantly what he was trying to do, so I decided to play along with everything. I asked if there was an issue as well as he said that my car smelled of marijuana. I agreed with him as well as then just stared at him waiting for his next move. Taken aback he asked if there was marijuana in the car to which I said there certainly was. Immediately he was asking me to step out of the car as well as started radioing for backup. That’s when I decided to let him know that I have a prescription for medical marijuana. I honestly have a medical cannabis prescription for some terrible health problems I am dealing with. Since the law passed in our state not all that long ago, a lot of people don’t even realize that medical marijuana is in fact legal. I showed the cop my prescription card for the medicinal marijuana as well as he just frowned. Sure I couldn’t get out of the speeding ticket, however it was easily worth it for that bit of fun.

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