My mind is not clear

When my best pal as well as I were searching for schools for college, the two of us didn’t actually believe we would be accepted to the same school. We basically put our applications into several state schools, as well as a few out of state schools… When the two of us were both accepted to university, our parents weren’t very happy that it was located just about a thousand miles away from them. They weren’t blissful that our college was located in a state that has legalized medical cannabis either! Our parents were distraught that we would likely start using marijuana as well as entirely forget all about school as well as our classes. I have to admit, it threw me off seeing people smoking cannabis everywhere we went. Honestly, it was a bit unsettling for both of us. When the two of us opted to go to our first fraternity beach house party, I believe that everyone there was using marijuana for pleasure and not necessarily for medical reasons. My neighbor as well as I tried it out, however we didn’t truly care for the effects that it had on our brain as well as body. I couldn’t remember much of anything from that evening, as well as I didn’t even drink any alcohol. The next morning, I woke up in the frat beach house as well as I could smell nothing but cannabis. It had a terrible smell in my opinion as well as I wanted to throw up right away. That was the first as well as only time that I have ever tried cannabis. Many of my college friends use cannabis everyday, but I want to keep my mind clear as well as free of debris. I find it especially challenging to focus, when my mind isn’t clear as well as secure. I still have a number of years of college, before I obtain my degree in engineering eventually. I’m hoping to find a job that is much closer to home, so I can get out of this deranged state eventually.