Marijuana oil extract

I honestly think of myself as a generally friendly person… I try not to start arguments with people, constantly look to end them if they do take place, plus generally live by the belief that to each their own. That is why my roommate Patrick is so infuriating all of the time. He is constantly doing things that I can’t just let go. We moved in together about 4 months ago, plus it has been nothing but chaos! Nothing is ever cleaned, picked up, or even placed in the corner. Every room in the property is a total mess of his clothing plus personal items, plus no matter what I say to him, he never listens. The latest problem is due to his crazy marijuana smoking. He has a legitimate prescription card plus uses medical marijuana legally, although he always wants to smoke in the property with no air flow in the slightest. Windows are closed, fans are turned off, plus vents are closed, all so he can hotbox the whole property. I have yelled at him about this and I haven’t gotten anywhere with him. He even has the nerve to tell me to chill out when he does these things. He even told me that I should seriously consider getting a prescription for medical cannabis so I can learn to relax more. What I entirely need is a card that keeps him out of my life altogether. I only have roughly 5 months to go on the lease, plus I am hoping, I will not die from a lack of oxygen due to his medical cannabis smoke in massive quantities in our property.

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