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I actually move around with my company all of the time. I’ve spent several years in the southern half of the nation! While I lived there, I was able to enjoy various activities such as water skiing, frog gigging, plus surfing. I also spent quite a bit of time hunkered down in the pacific northwest area of the country. I certainly wasn’t able to enjoy outdoor activities, because the weather was extremely brutal. Most months were incredibly chilly plus icy. It was tough enough to stay toasty in the property, let alone outside of the property.  After a couple of years of insanely chilly weather, I was diagnosed with a bad inflammatory disease. This disease causes me to experience intense pain plus nausea. When I found out that medical cannabis would help my symptoms, I thought about moving to a whole different state. I found out that my employer had a branch in a legal cannabis state. I made a request to my company to move me to this particular state, after making sure that medical cannabis was legal in that area. As soon as I became a state resident, I made sure to file for a medical cannabis card in no time. My doctor easily provided myself and others with plenty of documentation, so the up-to-date physician had no complication prescribing medical cannabis to help with my ghastly symptoms. When I began using medical cannabis, I have found complete relief from most of my disease symptoms. I could not even picture having to live anywhere that makes this medicine not legal. I hope that every state will eventually understand the vast benefits of medical cannabis. It should be legal everywhere in the world!

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