I feel so alone

I’ve been living near to the mountainous region for basically my whole life. Close to a decade ago, the state government made the momentous decision to make medical marijuana legal for everyone to use. A few years after that, the lawmakers decided to make marijuana in general legal for everyone to use. When marijuana was finally legalized, a lot of things have changed around our region. There are plenty of marijuana dispensaries essentially around every corner, and within a short distance from my place, I can easily frequent nine different medical marijuana dispensaries. These marijuana shops have many different types of medical cannabis. Each strain is flaunted in a jar, & marked with a clear label & THC percentages. Some of my number one strains include Blue Dream, Purple Kush, & Jagermeister. All 3 of these strains are fabulous for easing headaches, back pain, & arthritis pains… My Mom actually hasn’t used marijuana, however she rubs a certain lotion on her legs every night. The lotion contains CBD oil, a derivative from the medical cannabis plant. My Mom doesn’t enjoy the “high” feeling from smoking or ingesting THC, but the CBD oil has entirely helped her pain levels in a miraculous way. The other great thing about legal marijuana, is all the extra state taxes that are produced by it. Our government is using these extra taxes to repair the roads, supply emergency roadside services, & fund extra state programs as well. There are a sizable number of states that offer marijuana as a pain relieving replacement! If the drug & tobacco companies could manage to keep their cash out of lawmakers’ pockets, I know cannabis use would probably be legal all over the country. That would be superb for a number of people who suffer from a large number of ailments.