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My mother was diagnosed with cancer, close to five years ago. She is fortunately in remission, however the battle has been long and terrible. My mother was honestly sick for a long time, before she found out that she was suffering from intestinal cancer… When my mother was checked out in the hospital, my brother and I were only teenagers. I can easily remember when we heard about my mother getting medical cannabis to help out with the terrible cancer. At that time, we certainly didn’t know a thing about the effects of medical cannabis. My mother used the medical cannabis to aide with her nausea. She was pretty much always sick from the chemotherapy, but the medical cannabis aided to calm my mother’s stomach, and it also helped her to regain her appetite. One particular afternoon after school, my brother came back to the beach property and found my mother was asleep. She had her jar of medical cannabis simply sitting on the dresser. My brother decided to smoke some of the medical cannabis, and I thought my mother might skin him alive for doing that. She was furious for days, and punished both of us for being in her room at all. My brother was affected by the medical cannabis for a few hours time. That was the last time that my mother ever used cannabis in our property. She locked up the jar in the garage, and the key remained with her always! Now that my brother and I are adults, we really understand the effects that medicinal cannabis can have. My mother doesn’t use the medical cannabis these days because she has been in remission for the past numerous years. With plenty of luck and prayer, the cancer will not return ever again and my mother will have a cheerful and enjoyable life.

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