Are these safe practices

Many years ago, farming marijuana became legal in our state! My sibling plus I inherited twenty acres of farmland from our father, plus we never really knew what we should do with it. When we heard the news about growing legal marijuana, we thought it would be smart to get into the business. We researched all the information, so we would be experts in caring for marijuana plants. My sibling plus I built an enormous irrigation system, so all of our plants would be perfectly hydrated. We studied a bunch of books on how to grow marijuana in our specific climate. By the time we made it to our first major harvest, there were numerous other marijuana farms in our town. Most of the marijuana that is farmed in our state, is used for medical treatments. Most of the marijuana that is grown on my farm is sold off to independant marijuana dispensaries. We have quite a few strains of medical marijuana. We have 2 acres of Pineapple Chunk, 2 acres of Blueberry, plus the rest is Maui Wowie. My sibling plus I have managed to turn our farm into a major marijuana empire. There are consistently modern laws plus regulations, so it’s vital to keep up with the laws for our business. We just hired additional workers to help trim the plants after we cut them down… In another couple of weeks or so, we are planning on buying an additional ten acres of farmland, which is located on the opposite side of the highway. Those acres were used for corn in the past, despite the fact that I assume I can get marijuana to grow there without any difficulty.