Purple haze strains

The other night I had a single of the more relaxing times in the boring housing track where I live. It all started that day at work. It was a nightmare of a day plus the only thing I could think about was clocking out. I work in production plus sometimes all of us get hit with a heavy order at the worst time. It was already only about an hour until quitting time when an express order came in that would take a long time. The two of us were gave overtime plus told it needed to get done that day. The job was completed plus I got some extra pay, but it really took its toll on me, but by the time I got home, I felt like poop on a platter. I poured a drink plus went out back to rest in the yard plus chill out. That’s when I started getting a whiff of marijuana smoke! My buddy Steven was in his backyard getting baked. Steven has a medical cannabis prescription plus puffs consistently out back. Steven’s wife doesn’t want the smoke in the apartment. I struck up a conversation with Steven that didn’t end until almost midnight. There were multiple drinks plus cannabis smoke between the many of us, plus all of us solved all the world’s problems. Apparently, Steven has been suffering from really bad anxiety plus the medical marijuana helps Steven greatly. I was surprised that weed could help with anxiety. Marijuana typically gave me and my friends anxiety. Anyway, the medical marijuana was the perfect way to relax after a long day on the line, plus I am grateful I have an amazing neighbor.

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