I prune all the pot plants

I don’t get out much these days. I really have no reason or understanding my introverted ways. I don’t have agoraphobia or depression, and I do enjoy seeing my friends, so I’m not really sure why I stay in most nights these days. Perhaps it’s just some normal life change that happens, or maybe I’m just bored. Who can really know the full answers to these sorts of questions anyway? On another topic, I actually went to my friend’s house the other time. He was having a small gathering of friends and I was intrigued. While we were there an unexpected person showed up. It was the medical cannabis delivery person with my friend’s monthly prescription. He suffers from muscle spasms due to his M.S. and he’s found medical marijuana to be a lifesaver. He actually gets better pain relief than from the opioids he was taking, plus it’s not addictive. Physically addictive in any case. So we were in the middle of this party and the medical marijuana delivery service showed up. It was pretty hilarious and we all bothered my friend for his medical weed, but he wouldn’t give any up. He said they give him just enough to get through the month, and being without is a nightmare. Who could argue with that logic? I had a really great time over there and I hope my urge to go out hits more often. It would be a shame to become a total shut-in and turn into some weirdo.

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