I’m feeling a lot more cheerful

The other night I had 1 of the more wonderful times in the boring housing track where I live. It all began that morning at work. It was a terrible morning & the only thing I could think about was going home. I work in production & sometimes the line workers get hit with a heavy order at the worst time. It was only a couple hours until quitting time when an emergency order came in that would take around five hours. We were offered overtime & told the order needed to get done that evening. The task got finished & I earned some extra pay, however it entirely took its toll on me, however by the time I got to my townhouse, I felt like a train wreck. I poured a drink & went out back to sit in the lawn chair & relax. That’s when I started stinking marijuana smoke; My friend Peter was in his backyard getting baked. Peter has a medical cannabis prescription & puffs respectfully out back. Peter’s partner doesn’t want the smoke in the townhome. I struck up a conversation with Peter that didn’t end until almost midnight. There were quite a few drinks & cannabis smoke shared, & every one of us discussed all sorts of things. Apparently, Peter has been suffering from overwhelming anxiety & the medical marijuana helps him greatly. I was flabbergasted that weed could help with anxiety. Marijuana usually offered myself and others anxiety. Anyway, the medical cannabis was the perfect way to relax after a long morning at work, & I am thrilled that I have an awesome neighbor.

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