Bulk marijuana growing tips

After toiling away up in New England where it is far too cold for far too many months out of the year, I finally got myself in gear and traveled out to California to pursue my ambition to be a standup comedian. I know it’s going to be a long and unsure road, and there is no guarantee I will ever make it, but if I don’t try I will be kicking myself for the rest of my days on this big blue ball. One of the things I actually set up ahead of time was a job. For me, that is big because I am the sort of person to put off everything. I feel like this is a big step for me personally. I found a job at a medical marijuana dispensary. I knew California’s marijuana laws had changed, but until you see it for yourself you can’t really grasp what it is like in a dispensary. Once you show ID and are let inside, you enter a room filled with jars of the most amazing marijuana you will ever see. There’s purple haze, OG Kush, brick weed, special K, and a huge host of other sativas and indicas that are guaranteed to get you loose. The pay was pretty decent and I got to help a lot of people who had legitimate health issues that pot helped them with. It seems silly to me that marijuana would be illegal for any reason. It is a natural plant that makes people feel mellow and happy. What’s wrong with that?

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