Why I use medical cannabis

Around 6 weeks ago, I took a job with a new law firm that forced a lot of travel from where I was living, so I made the choice to change closer to my new board. It was time for a change of pace anyway plus I am glad I made the change over, but there is a single peculiarity concerning my new friend Liz. Liz’s entire condo reeks of pot. It’s actually quite horrible that the odor seems to stick to our walls plus backyard of her condo plus spread outward like an invisible puff of weed; After about a week of this unending smell of reefer madness, I decided to confront my new buddy Liz about it. I’m not against someone doing what they want to as long as they aren’t hindering others lives, even though I did want to let Liz think that it was a bit overwhelming. I went over plus met my new friend whose a really nice person but lo plus behold, Liz suffers from numerous sclerosis plus uses the medical cannabis to help with the pain that comes from muscle spasms with her disease. I was shocked to notice this because I was so sure she was just a stoner who loves her marijuana far too much. I apologized a lot, but before I left I did ask if there was any way she could tone down the stinky odor that surrounded her condo plus half my space. Now it was her turn to say sorry plus she started talking about these air purifiers she had just ordered.

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