Reducing seizures

I am probably the worst man ever. At the start of school I moved into a residence with three of our best bros. My 1 buddy Larry has seizures. I never thought too much about it since I have never seen his have a seizure before. I now recognize the reason why he smokes grass for medical purposes. The reason I am the worst man not on the grass is that I want to yell at him about inhaling grass in the house. I also just don’t like having grass around. There is a social stigma with grass . People who inhale grass are lazy, stupid and they are doing something naughty. Medical grass use is allowed in our state and Larry has a script. I just don’t like the grass sitting around. What Larry mainly uses is extracted oil from the grass plant. The oil mainly targets the muscle spasms with his seizures. But he does have actual grass in a tote that he can light up with. Occasionally he lights it up and our whole place stinks super lame. I have tried investing in an whole-home air purifier, using candles and febreeze, still the grass aroma is around us. I want to tell Larry that if he smokes the grass and not use the oil, he has to go outside. Can you ask a man with seizures who smokes for medical grass to stop being rude? I know like I will seem like the worst man ever when I ask this. I recognize he is super sensitive about his seizures too. But I just can’t take the grass around here anymore.

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