Legal issues with marijuana

I have a cute little home out in the country where life is peaceful and fairly fun. I grew up in the city and after a bit of time, one tends to get burned out from the hardcore pace and intensity of everyday life, so for myself this was a pleasant change that I have made the most of. I even built a larger pool in the yard so I can swim around after my work and have a nice great drink as I wade in the pool. That was, until not that long ago when the new neighbors moved in. Now our whole yard stinks just like marijuana and I can’t even enjoy the pool anymore because of the stink of the pot in the yard over. Don’t think bad things of me, I have no concern with someone smoking a bit of pot here and there, however I have never cared for the odor and it is the last thing I want to be inhaling after a long day in the office. Finally, after a few days of this going on at all hours of the night, I had enough and went next door to have a talk with them. That is when I met the guy next door Randy. Randy is in a wheelchair and suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Randy secondly smokes medical cannabis to help deal with the pain that is associated with the disease. I felt really sad for him and I did not say anything bad to him. Randy and I talked about it and he said he would look into getting an air cleaner to fix that cannabis stink as much as it could.