Eating cannabis

Around 7 months in, I took a job with a modern medical office that required a lot of travel from where I was at, so I made the choice to relocate nearby to where I had to go. It was time for a change of where I was anyway and I am glad I made the move, but there is 1 peculiarity concerning my new neighbor. My nextdoor neighbor Jim’s entire home reeks of marijuana. It’s entirely quite horrible that the aroma seems to sink into the walls and yard of his home and spread outward just like an invisible cloud of pot. After about a month of this horrible assault of reefer magic, I decided to confront Jim about it. I’m not against a man doing what they want to as long as they aren’t injuring others, but I did want to let Jim think that it was a bit overwhelming. I went over and met with Jim and lo and behold, Jim suffers from epilepsy and will have fits. Jim smokes medical cannabis to help with the pain that comes from muscle spasms acquaintanced with his epilepsy. I was shocked to find this out because I was so sure that Jim was just a stoner who prefers his marijuana far too much. I said I felt bad, but before I left I did ask if there was any way he could chill out with the overpowering stink that surrounded his beach house and half our yard. Now it was Jim’s turn to apologize.

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