You can use cannabis for a lot

2 months ago I took an office position with a new hospital that required a lot of going back and forth from where I was residing, so I made the choice to relocate right next to our new branch. It was time for a change of life though and I am blissful I made the change, but there is one peculiar thing that has happened and it is my new neighbor. The man, Ren, his entire home reeks of marijuana. It’s quite striking that the odor seems to linger in walls and in the yard of his home and spread even more over our yard like an invisible poof of weed! After about a week of this horrible assault of reefer smoke, I decided to talk to Ren about it. I’m not fighting someone doing what they want to as long as they aren’t ruining others lives, however I did want to let Ren know that it was a bit overwhelming. I went over and met our the guy and of course, Ren does suffer from several sclerosis and smokes medical cannabis to help with the issues that comes from muscle spasms with his illness. I was shocked to realize this because I was so sure he was just a stoner who just loves his marijuana far too much. I said I was sorry a ton, but before I left I did ask if there was any way he could stop the overpowering stink that surrounded his condo and half our space.

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