Working on our health issue

Back in the day Vince used to have a medical condition that was a form of epilepsy. At that point, Vince had no method that he could be helped with the pot, medical marijuana, or pot eating things. Vince would have random seizures on an almost 2 week basis and it really affected the way that he and his family had been living. Then a single afternoon, Vince happened to run into a doctor in his office. The doctor happened to mention to the person that his child had a seizure that day and the nurse overheard the talk. The nurse asked his what style of condition his child had and when he described the seizures, the nurse told him that he have his child try using medical marijuana. Medical marijuana and medical cannabis have been shown in medical studies to help reduce seizures in particular types of epilepsy patients. The nurse even mentioned how he had seen kids with conditions that cause seizures become completely free of care things once they started being treated with types of cannabis, marijuana edibles, sativa, and indica. Vince said that the results had really been nothing short of amazing. After chatting to the nurse he met in the office, my aunt made an appointment with his daughter’s pediatrician to talk about getting a script for medical cannabis. Once they got the script for the medical marijuana fixed up, my buddy started treating our cousin with medical marijuana edibles and medical cannabis on a biweekly basis.

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