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My sibling convinced myself and others that I needed to stop taking my prescribed pain medication that my pain management doctor gave me. I must admit that I was hesitant to do so a first. I mean, after all, my sibling is not a licensed professional or anything. She was a true believer in the power of medical marijuana edibles. She too had once been a patient at a pain management clinic. After she had gone to a seminar about medical marijuana, she decided to go off of her pain medication plus try using medical marijuana edibles instead in order to manage her chronic pain for a shoulder injury she had incurred while in her career in the armed services! Once she weaned herself off her pain medication, she started using edible medical marijuana once per morning to help keep her shoulder pain free while at work. She said that she was surprised at just how well the medical cannabis helped with managing her pain. I guess if it had been anyone else, I never would have even considered trying it, but since it was my own sibling, I thought that I might as well try it out. My sibling gave me some of the edible medicinal marijuana that she had left over. So when I tried it to help alleviate my back plus neck pain, it was amazing how well that it worked. Just a little bit of the edible marijuana helped with managing my neck troubles all morning plus I didn’t even have to take any of my prescribed pain meds that morning. Since I dislike the feeling that pain medications make me and the withdrawal symptoms that I periodically get from them, I’ve decided to wean myself off of my medications too and convert to medical marijuana myself.

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