Medical marijuana should be legal

I have a good pal who has been a big time lover for legalizing medical marijuana for awhile. I met her at my grocery store as well as I constantly thought that it was peculiar how she was always chatting about the importance of medical marijuana as well as how it should be made available to the masses, and the way that she would go on as well as on about benefits marijuana edibles as well as medical cannabis, I really started to think that she was a bit of a wild time smoker. I never would’ve thought of her for that, although, she was constantly really professional as well as she at all times seemed to have her stuff together. I’ve never met a daily marijuana smoker with that kind of mind before, so it made me start questioning everything I ever thought about men and women who smoke marijuana… Then, I eventually found out that my good pal had never even smoked marijuana at all! The girl also never used edibles or medical cannabis for her health ideals or medical problems. My good pal was just recommending it for other people who needed it for medical purposes. It was really shocking to me to find out that she was not even a smoker, not even while she was in private school or school. I guess that it’s so odd that people without any personal interest interest in something can become so in love about typical subjects, however setting up the pot edibles as well as medical cannabis absolutely seems to be 1 of those ideals, because from the way she went on as well as on about it during our shopping together.

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