Eating some medical marijuana edibles

When our mom started using medical marijuana edibles to treat migraine headaches, my grandpa was not pleased. He thought that he should continue to use the medications that were being prescribed by his doctor and forget about looking for alternative treatments, but our mom was not cooperative with his advice at all. She was having migraine headaches at least three times a week, and it was actually affecting his quality of life. Unfortunately, the medication that the doctor had prescribed had some nasty side effects and she just couldn’t stand them any longer. After weeks of research and asking questions, she finally decided that she was going to try using medical marijuana edibles instead of the prescription drugs. She mainly wanted to get rid of the adverse effects she was experiencing, but my grandpa thought that she wanted to go back to her teenage years and try to get high. When she explained to him that the medicinal kind, the edible medical marijuana kind and the cannabis oil are not the same thing that make you get high, but are only used for relaxation and pain management, he was more receptive to the plan of his using it for the migraines. She was super miserable with grandpa for thinking that she just wanted to get high. So, she told him that she was going to use the edible marijuana to treat the migraine headaches whether he liked it or not. The funny thing was that when he saw how well it worked for her, he decided to try it too to treat his back pain.

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