Did you marijuana is medicinal?

It seems like one of the main issues that people are talking about recently is the legalization of marijuana. Many people are just up in arms about this issue, since they think that this plant might become a gateway drug that will lead to use of harder substances. I just don’t think that’s true, and it must be recognized that marijuana is just too useful to ignore. Also, if we just treated marijuana like alcohol, then the younger generation will treat it accordingly. Let’s agree that marijuana should be legalized and have regulations placed on it. And medical marijuana should regularly be accessible in any state, age, and location. This is because there are simply way too many benefits when it comes to medical purposes of marijuana. I believe that’s the part of the debate that I don’t understand – we allow alcohol to be legal when all it does is cause problems. It hinders your mind and people die from it. Cigarettes, too, are legal but they can cause lung cancer plus other health concerns. Marijuana is not legal, yet there are all kinds of benefits to taking it! Now, there are chemicals in marijuana that can cause problems. The cannabinoids in marijuana are the ingredient that alters the mind and gets you high. The ingredient can be bred out of the plant, though. You can even use the medical plant without getting any of the cannabinoids, so the plant can only help if you want. But, cannabinoids even have their own health purposes too; so even the ingredient people are worried about is quite useful. Cancer, epilepsy, and other health problems have shown marked improvement after using medical marijuana. If it’s helping them, why are we intent on restricting this miracle cure? If we need to ban anything, it should be alcohol and cigarettes! They have no benefit to our health at all.  

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