We love this marijuana

My younger brother, Matthew, has suffered from epilepsy since he was just a little boy.  Epilepsy is a fairly common condition.  The type of epilepsy my brother deals with has caused him to suffer from frequent seizures, which are sometimes convulsive.  It has been a hardship and a concern for my entire family.  Because of my brother’s condition, I have learned a great deal about epilepsy and have done a ton of research into potential treatments.  About sixty percent of all epileptic seizures are convulsive.  This means that the person experiences rapid, involuntary contractions of their muscles, causing their whole body to shake or jerk uncontrollably.  I know that for my brother, this was extremely embarrassing.  The danger is that severe or lengthy seizures can result in damage to brain tissue. I went online, looking for some way to help my brother, and read countless stories about cannabis alleviating seizures.  Apparently, cannabis has been used for this purpose for well over a hundred years.  When I first ran across cannabis as a potential treatment for Matthew’s symptoms, I had some trouble convincing my parents to give it a try.  Fortunately, they did their own research and discovered that new testing has provided evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for epilepsy.  Considering that marijuana is entirely natural and inexpensive, it is both affordable and safe.  There are no damaging side effects, and my brother has been able to live a more normal life.