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I’ve suffered from febrile seizures ever since I was a toddler. I have found this to be an awful disease, and I never know when I am going to suffer from some type of seizure. I grew up with a concern for my whole family, and it was very difficult on my mother and father. When I started to get a bit older, I looked into ways to help my seizures become less frequent and less severe. One thing that I found to work, was the use of cannabis to treat these involuntary muscle movements. Since a lot of these seizures can cause brain injury, the use of cannabis to alleviate the seizures seemed like a no-brainer. My parents were not easy to convince, but I eventually showed them all of the different research papers that I had found. They had proved that cannabis would be an effective treatment for my seizures, and there was nothing else that my parents could do to keep me from trying it. Thankfully, the medicinal marijuana had a wonderful effect on my seizures. It has been a long time since the seizures have affected me adversely. Thanks to the use of medicinal marijuana, my seizures are much safer now. The two of us are very hopeful that legalized marijuana will become effective throughout our entire country, but until then, the two of us are going to use our medical marijuana to treat the symptoms from my awful seizures. The two of us hope that America will eventually come around to medical marijuana, because it can treat a number of diseases.

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