What medical cannabis can do

My sister Sabrina has had seizures since she was a very small toddler. Seizures happen to run in our family, so it is a correct condition for many of the children. My sister deals with a lot of seizures, as well as they can be terrible at times. My entire family has had to watch my sister go through a seizure, as well as it can be a very distressing ordeal. My parents have looked at many different treatments for my sister, but most of them include drug therapy. When my sister experiences and epileptic seizure, she is rather embarrassed when her body shakes without any control. This type of seizure can be lengthy, as well as lead to the deterioration of brain tissue. I started researching the seizures, as well as found out that cannabis can help to alleviate my sister’s symptoms. I talk to my parents about the Cannabis usage, as well as went over all of the information that I had gathered throughout the week. My parents did not want to hear anything about cannabis to treat my sister symptoms, because they did not believe in medical marijuana as an actual course of treatment. I talk to my parents at length for a long time, as well as implored them to consider medical marijuana as a treatment for my sister. After speaking with our local doctor about cannabis use for my sister’s epilepsy, my parents decided to give it a try. My sister has been seizure-free for a few months, as well as my parents realize they did the right thing.

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