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My brother has easily suffered from epileptic seizures since he was about 10 years old. Epileptic seizures seem to run in our family, so it was no surprise that my brother was suffering at a young age. My brother suffers from on Slots of frequent seizures, most of which are convulsive. Our entire family has always dealt with this hardship, plus our entire family is always concerned for my brother. Over my lifetime, I have learned a lot of information about epilepsy plus the potential treatments. When someone happens to experience involuntary movements of their muscles, these epileptic seizures can cause their bodies to jerk uncontrollably. This is something very embarrassing for my sibling. I read that cannabis has been used to help alleviate seizures. I read countless stories online about cannabis usage, plus recommended this to my brother as a possible treatment option. My parents did not want to give this a try, but I found a lot of research to back up my cannabis Theory. There was many different pieces of evidence that would suggest cannabis to be a great treatment for my brother’s epilepsy. With no ill side effects, my brother is now able to live a much easier life. I am for the legalization of medical marijuana, plus I hope that the campaign continues to gain exposure over time. Everyone should be able to have the benefits of being able to use medical marijuana. More testing will hopefully provide better advancements over time. Medical marijuana can be used to treat a facet of different types of ailments.

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