Orange kush

Asthma impacts about twenty percent of the population in developed countries, and is an increasing problem.  In the quest for a viable option to combat this severe health concern, researchers conducted a series of tests trying out the use of medical cannabis.  Although rodents were used as the test subjects, there were positive results.  The tests prove that CBD is an effective way of minimizing the inflammation experienced by asthma sufferers.  The rats were separated into three  groups; a control group, an asthma group, and an asthma/treatment group.  The rats in the treatment group were given a injections of CBD, and blood samples were then diagnosed 24 hours later.  The blood samples were checked for levels of cytokines, which affect the interaction and communication between cells.  The results showed that the rats treated with CBD benefited from a reduction of cytokines, and that CBD also reduced mucus hyper-secretion, which is another symptom of asthma.  The positive results of this study suggests a need for more rigorous human trials on a wider scale.  To actually appreciate and prove the full advantages of the marijuana plant and its compounds, we need further and more in-depth research.  Most people agree and support the use of medical marijuana as treatment against asthma symptoms, but the details of effective treatment are still widely argued.  The lack of scientific research is getting in the way of improved quality of life for millions of people.  Because marijuana is far less costly than more conventional medicines, entirely natural and safe, it should be utilized to its fullest potential.

orange kush