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Asthma is an issue for about twenty percent of the population in developed countries, and continues to be a growing problem.  In the hunt for a viable method to combat this increasing health problem, researchers conducted a series of tests centered around the use of medical cannabis.  Rats were used as the test subjects, and the results were encouraging.  The tests reveal that CBD is an effective option for  minimizing the inflammation experienced by asthma sufferers.  The rats were divided into 3 trial groups; a control group, an asthma group, and an asthma/treatment group.  The rats involved in the treatment group were administered a regular injection of CBD, and blood samples were tested 24 hours later.  The blood samples were tested for levels of cytokines, which impair the interaction and communication between cells.  The test indicated that the rats treated with CBD experienced a lessening of cytokines, and that CBD also reduced mucus hyper-secretion, which is an additional symptom of asthma.  The productive results of this study recommend a need for more rigorous human trials on a larger scale.  To fully understand and identify the full benefits of the marijuana plant and its compounds, we need additional and more in-depth research.  The majority of people agree and support the use of medical marijuana as a treatment to combat asthma symptoms, but the parameters of effective treatment are still widely debated.  The absence of scientific research is hindering an improved quality of life for millions of people.  Since marijuana is far less expensive than traditional medicines, totally natural and safe, it should be explored to its maximum potential.

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