Treating my illness

Many of the benefits and drawbacks of medical marijuana are continually debated. Medical marijuana refers to the overall use of the whole marijuana plant or its extracts to deal with conditions or symptoms of many different ailments. The FDA has yet to celebrate or approve the marijuana plant being legitimate medicine, but a number of people would disagree. A great many people rely on medicinal marijuana to reduce many symptoms of AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, migraines, anorexia and much more. Research testing the advantages and consequences continues and will hopefully provide clearer results. Scientific studies have already led to FDA-approved medications that have cannabinoid chemicals in pills. Because marijuana supplies chemicals that help treat of broad range of illnesses and symptoms, I feel that it should be legal for medical purposes at the very least. The number of states which use legalized marijuana for medical use keeps growing. Apparently, the FDA has not chosen to conduct enough large-scale clinical trials on human subjects to prove that some great benefits of marijuana plant outweigh the problems. The chemicals in marijuana are called cannabinoids, and have been used to treat childhood epilepsy, which causes a child to suffer violent and unsafe seizures. Scientists have spent lifetimes developing marijuana plants and cannabinoids into oil form, specifically for the relief childhood epilepsy. This type of drug is not intoxicating and would never be abused for recreational use. Hopefully this variety of medical marijuana will provide a highly effective treatment for these children, and will imminently be approved by the FDA. Medical marijuana provides a natural remedy and its potential has to be utilized to the fullest.

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